Finding lost cd keys in your registry

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Finding lost cd keys
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  • The newest solution for the Vista OS and more +Office keys: Winguggle

Software Download - WebmasterFree  Click this link to a great free program Winguggle to recover your lost CDKeys! 

The solution (below) may be unsuccessful for many these days with newer operating systems and office programs, so a nice person (thank you, Douglas!) sent me a link to another possible solution.  Only $4.95 (a great price!) for a key finder program that will be useful with all windows operating systems (95,98,ME, 2000 & XP), and all Microsoft office versions:

More information:

Product Keyfinder is a stand-alone executable, which means it does not need an installer program to run. Once you've downloaded Keyfinder, you can run it by double-clicking the program. To find your lost Windows key by clicking the Windows key button on the navigation panel to the left. To find your lost Office key, click Office key. With InsaneWare Keyfinder, you can also copy, save, or print your retrieved product code.  Copy the code to your clipboard in order to paste it in a database or text file.  Save your Windows product code to a file in order to keep it for your records or send it as an email to a friend. You can also print your lost Windows key in order to keep if safely filed away.   Not intended as a hacking program.

I bought it, downloaded it, and it works beautifully!  I highly recommend it!  Support these great entrepreneurs! 

Another great website for finding product keys, and this one is free!:

You can find your lost cd key from your own registry with the steps below:

(This procedure does not work for any version of Windows past Windows Me, Microsoft got more secretive with your software, one more time.)

Make the CD code to unlock software reappear. (Here's the article verbatim) You just think you lost that CD key code, which is imprinted on the software's box or in the documentation and permits you to reinstall the program.

You won't have to call a support line and wait hours for a tech to regurgitate that lost code for you, it's not really lost. Windows saved it in a cubbyhole called the Registry.

Don't play around while you go through these steps, though. Deleting some Registry files can cause massive headaches.

And it's always best to follow your manual's instructions and back up the registry before starting.

Here's the procedure:

        Launch REGEDIT by selecting Start/Run, typing REGEDIT in the text box and pressing Enter.

        Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, click on the + and scroll down to Software.

        Find the Microsoft listing click on it, and look for the directory that contains software you need to reinstall.

        Double-click the Product ID listing and select the middle two number strings. For example, in the string 53491-460-1656111-49145, you'd select 460-1656111. (for Office 97)   One more thing, add a 1 to the first 3 numbers, 4601-1656111, as the product ID has 11 numbers.  Hope this works for you!

  • To find the Windows CD Key:  find Windows, click the "current version" with the + sign, don't click the +sign, click on the words "current version".  The product ID and the product key will appear.  It's all the numbers and letters that you see. 

        Highlight,  Press Control C to copy the CD key to the clipboard, then paste it someplace where you can reuse it. Some experts advise compiling all your keys to a text document, then printing it out for safekeeping.  


Attention!  I cannot give you cd keys to your programs.  It is illegal for me to do so.  If you have lost the product ID, cd key, you will need to find it another way.  Sorry I can't be of more help.  I have contacted Microsoft for some of my clients who have lost their cd keys, or were never given them at the store and they have been very kind.  Usually with a proof of purchase, you can get some information from the manufacturer.  And if your cd key does not work on your installation, you can also call for free technical help from many manufacturers.  Hope this is helpful.  Hang onto those product IDs!


Rocky Hamilton

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Updated October 17, 2013