Windows Movie Maker Easy to Follow Instructions

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Windows Movie Maker

These instructions are for the 2.1 version of Windows Movie Maker.  The newest one on Vista (2.5) is very similar, and you can burn a DVD directly with the 2.5 program.  I think you'll like these simple directions.

Open Windows Movie Maker: Click on start, all programs and locate Windows Movie Maker.

1. Over to the left side, Under Movie Tasks, under Capture Video, click on import pictures.
At this time you will be viewing your pictures in the storyboard view.

2. Find the folder or pictures you want to choose from, and hold down the CTRL key and click on numerous pictures (10 at a time maximum), then let up on the CTRL key, and click import. This will bring you back to your Movie maker, and you will be able to drag the pictures one at a time or hold down the ctrl key again, and click on many picture and drag to the first box. To change the order of the picture, hold down the left mouse button on the picture you want to move and drag to the box you want to move to, and let go of the left button when you get the rectangle showing.

You can import all your pictures that you want in the movie, and then click edit select all and drag on any one of the pictures to the first box below, and it will all of the selected pictures. Move pictures around in different order by dragging as described above.

3. Click on show timeline to add audio by clicking import audio and find the file you want to import in the my music folder or you can click on the cd drive if you have a music cd that you like, click my computer, and double click the music icon showing your music cd name, and you'll see your songs from the cd listed, click on one, and click import. To edit the music, to shorten or lengthen to match the length of the movie, put your cursor on the end of the bar in the audio row, and you'll get a double side arrow, and you can hold down the left mouse button and drag to meet the last picture. To fade out or fade in or change the volume, right click anywhere on the music area and in the menu that pops up, click on the command that you want to change. To change the volume, click volume, and slide the bar to the left to go down, or right to raise the volume. At the end of this process, click on show storyboard.

4. To edit the movie, under Edit movie on the left, click on view video effects, and drag the effect to the star on each picture to add that effect.

5. To add transitions between the pictures, click on view video transitions, and drag any transitions between each picture.

6. To add titles, be sure you are in storyboard view, and then click on make titles or credits. Click on Add title at the beginning. Type in your title, click on change text font and color or change animation, and you can view the different animations on the screen to the right. When you're happy with the title, click on done, add title. to add more text you will need to click on make titles and credits again, and then choose the next option to make titles on the picture (click on the picture in the storyboard that you want to add a title0 and click on "title on selected click". To map out chapters in your movie, click on "Title after or before selected clip" and you'll be able to make a colored slide with text again.

7. To preview the whole movie in full screen, click on View and full screen.

8. To burn to disk or email, click file, Save movie file, and in the screen that pops up you have the option to save to email, and save to computer, and save to recordable cd (cdr) Insert a CDR and click next, and you'll be able to name the disk and name the movie, and click next to start the burn process.

You can preview you movie at any time during the set up process by clicking on the start point picture, and click on the right hand screen button that shows a triangle, or stop with the same button.


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Updated October 17, 2013